woods_copenhagen | Daily Hydra Cream

A lightweight facial moisturizer formulated to deliver instant and intense hydration with strong antioxidant properties protecting against environmental factors such as pollution and free radicals. The addition of hyaluronic acid – a substance found naturally in the body – works as a magnet for moisture, helping to retain water balance and a healthy appearance, and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles to leave skin plumped and smooth.

Essential omega-3, -6 and -7 fatty acids and nutrients derived from sea buckthorn help to repair sun damage and boost collagen production. Subtly scented with fresh notes of natural lemon, iris, and rose and enriched with Arctic spring water sourced from northern Greenland - rich in oxygen and with a unique ability to let the ingredients absorb more effectively into the skin due to its purity and very low mineral level.

pH: 5,3-5,7

For all skin types. Particularly good for dry and sensitive skin.

75 ml / 2.53 fl oz


HOW: Apply an even layer to clean skin and massage gently. 

WHERE: Entire face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes. 

WHEN: AM and PM. 

TIP: The lightweight consistency makes this an ideal primer before applying make-up. Warm up the product in your hands before applying to the skin for a better absorption. Wait about a minute for it to fully absorb.