String Pocket Metal | Various Colours

The versatile nature of String ® Pocket metal, which can be combined with two or three shelves, allows it to become a unique expression of one's personal style and preferences. The included two wire panels (50cm in height) and three metal shelves (58cm width and 15cm depth) are crafted with a low edge of 2cm, granting you the capability to easily add hooks and rods (30cm or 58cm).

Nisse Strinning's 2005 design of the String® Pocket complete set has become his final addition to the famed Scandinavian design portfolio. Impressively, the Pocket shelf package comes with two wall-hung panels and three shelves in an extensive range of colours and finishes, like solid greys and mustards, or wood grain options such as walnut, ash, and oak.

In 2020, Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström modernized the original String® Pocket design. Whilst keeping its quintessential elements intact, they decided to experiment with a novel material. As a consequence, a new metallic version of the String® Pocket was produced and accessible in three hues: neon, taupe and white. Thanks to its perforated shelves, its capacity can be enhanced by attaching accessories like rods and hooks, thus enriching the storage space quickly and effectively.

Available Colours (please select from below): White/White | Taupe/Taupe

Dimensions: H50cm x W60cm x D15cm
Composition:  Powder-coated steel (fine textured)
Care Instructions: Clean with a moist cloth

Max Load: 25kg evenly spread across the shelf



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