• Nicolas Vahé | Cocktail Gift Box
  • Nicolas Vahé | Cocktail Gift Box

Nicolas Vahé | Cocktail Gift Box

In this gift box from Nicolas Vahé, you will find the syrup, garnishes and tools needed to add flavour to your cocktails. To make it easy, the box comes with three recipe cards that show you how to mix delicious cocktails using the garnishes provided. Simply add your favourite gin and tonic to the mix and let the flavours unfold. From the classic dryness of the juniper berries to the pink peppercorn sweetness.

The Cocktail Box is an ideal gift for any occasion and for those who want to elevate the cocktail experience.

The Cocktail Box contains the following:

Syrup - Ginger & Thyme 10cl
Garnish - Orange Peel 30g
Garnish - Juniper Berries 30g
Garnish - Pink Peppercorns 30g
Stirring spoon
Measuring cup 2cl
3 recipe cards

Once opened: consume within 16 months.

Weight: 140g 

Content: White peppercorns, green peppercorns, black peppercorns, hot peppers of Jamaica, pink peppercorn.