Native Union | Belt Watch | Zebra

The 1.2m charging cable for Apple Watch.

Stay on time. Recharge your Apple Watch on-the-go with a convenient 1.2m length and magnetic connector that snaps perfectly into place, every time. Plus, the silicone pad ensures that your device doesn’t slip or fall. Retaining all the functionality of our signature Belt cables, the Apple Watch solution features the same durability and genuine leather belt to stay tangle-free.

Design to improve our daily interaction with our tech essentials. For devices and accessories we now spend so much time with, it just doesn’t make much sense to stick with options that only breed frustration. Belt Watch was crafted with exactly this in mind: a non-slip silicone grip, a weighted aluminium base, and our signature genuine leather belt all lend to a solution that look and feels like quality.


100% Steel Cable with Nylon Sleeve

Reinforced Duport Kevlar Fibre

1.2 Metres

Zebra Finish

Tan Leather Belt Tie

Lifetime Limited Warranty