Muuto | Visu Chair | Various Colours

Referencing the values of honest craftsmanship and Scandinavian materiality, the Bringing lightness into design, the Visu Chair Wood Base combines ergonomic and functional expressions with a quiet silhouette. The shell is rendered in form-pressed veneer wood while the wooden legs provide a sleek yet sturdy base.
MIKA TOLVANEN ON THE DESIGN “The idea for the Visu Chair was to create an elegantly simple interpretation of the archetypal plywood chair. I wanted for the design to have a subdued and timeless character that would add feelings of modern familiarity to any room together with a comfortable seat in form-pressed veneer. Designing the chair as a family that were all aesthetically linked yet could be used for different functions was a study in adapting a design to its surroundings and a process that lasted nearly two years. The Visu Chair is a new perspective on the traditional wooden chair, echoing the ideas of Scandinavian design together with a modern expression.”

Colour: Stained Dark Brown | Dark Green | Black | Sand | Oak

Dimensions: L46cm x H78.5cm x H51cm

Seat Height: 46cm


Lacquered Ash Veneer | Ash is a key material in Scandinavian furniture. We use the naturally bright, oiled ash wood to bring a light sentiment into our designs. The material is used in all of our coloured furniture designs as ash is easily curved and shaped while being an excellent surface for lacquering, giving the vibrant colours a long lifespan.


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