Muuto | Stacked Storage System | Clips | Various Colours

Being both versatile and functional, the Stacked Storage System can be arranged and rearranged for the exact configuration that you’d like, whether it be as shelving setups, sideboards, bookcases or side table. The design can easily be refreshed by playing around with the space between the modules or mounting the modules with backboard directly onto the wall.
Each Stacked module comes with two Clips in the same colour as the module, while Oak comes with two Clips in Light Grey.

The Stacked Storage System complies with the European requirements for safety, strength, durability and stability within storage — EN 16121:2013 and EN 16122:2012 — when following the assembly and configuration guidelines.

Colour: Light Grey | White | Midnight Blue | Dark Grey | Dusty Green (please select)


Dimensions: L4cm x H4cm x W2cm

Set of 5



Modules and podium in PU lacquered MDF or oak veneer. Clips made of painted steel.

Coloured versions: Every side is cut out of MDF, then assembled, glued together and painted with three layers of PU lacquer.

Oak versions: Every side is cut out of MDF with oak veneer, then assembled and glued together.

Oak Veneer: Oak is a traditionally Scandinavian material with durable abilities against factors such as water and fungi alongside a high level of strength, giving it long-lasting properties fit for furniture.


Care Instructions: Remove dust from shelves with a soft cloth. When necessary clean with moist cloth. For wood veneer finishes, dry immediately with a soft cloth following wood grains. The wood should not be exposed to excessive heat, direct sunlight or humidity. If necessary, only use a mild detergent or washing up liquid and not concentrated. Always wipe with a dry cloth afterwards. To minimise the risk of stains and marks, liquid, grease etc. should be removed straight away.



This is a pre-order item so delivery times may vary. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your item to arrive.