• Reclaimed | Large Vintage West German Vase

Reclaimed | Large Vintage West German Vase

A large statement vase with a beautifully rich red band of colour over a brown base with a smooth high gloss glazed finish.

Unique and in perfect vintage condition with no chips or cracks. 


Colour : Multi

Dimensions: H38cm

Composition: Ceramic


West German ceramics has continued to be increasingly popular in recent years. Sculptural forms, textured surfaces, strong colour and abstract qualities create a range of ceramics that is genuinely striking.



From one of the most fascinating periods of modern design, through the 1950s until the 1970s, over 100 pottery and porcelain companies and studio potters were actively producing ceramics in West Germany. Scheurich were one of the most prolific producers, and while production began slowing in the early 1970s, a wide variety of art pottery was produced well in the 1980s.