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  • Frama | St. Pauls | Eau de Parfum
  • Frama | St. Pauls | Eau de Parfum

Frama | St. Pauls | Eau de Parfum

Frama’s first scent in the Apothecary Collection, with inspiration from the Frama Studio in Copenhagen - the Org. St. Pauls Apotek from 1878.

Handcrafted in Denmark, with notes of Lemongrass, Cedarwood and Sandalwood this earthy and deep formulation maintains a distinctive freshness, firmly linking it to the Frama universe, where past and present seamlessly intertwine. St. Pauls is a natural Eau de Parfum that evolves into a distinct individual scent.

Top: Citrus
Heart: Roman Chamomile and Lavender
Base: Mysore Sandalwood


Made in Italy

100% Natural

Materials: Smoked glass bottle | aluminium atomiser | wooden cap

Dimensions: H9cm x Ø44cm

Content: 50ml


Every product in the St. Pauls Apothecary Collection has been developed in Copenhagen and is created with natural, hand picked ingredients sourced from some of the most trusted suppliers in the world. Each product in the collection is gender neutral and is crafted with quality-tested essential oils that offer pure refreshing and distinct scent that helps restore balance to the skin and senses. Bottled in custom coloured Italian glass, each item aims to not only invigorate the senses but to also bring quality of object permanence into a space.