Studio Lawrence is an innovative contemporary art and design brand. Artist, George Lawrence, consciously creates a collection of hand painted, unique designs using carefully selected materials and brands to ensure we make as little environmental impact as we possibly can.

Leaning heavily on his previous career as a Buyer in the fashion industry, alongside nature and architecture, George’s work evolves and adapts to the changing social and cultural landscape with sustainability at the heart of his craft.

George takes inspiration from his fashion background to work with fabrics and cloths that are different to that which are traditionally used to paint on (cotton canvas and linen canvas), and celebrating them in a way that very little do. In future collections with MAP STORES, George will be looking to work with recycled and organic fabrics to create even more environmentally friendly pieces, all in his usual style and aesthetic.

In a space where exclusivity often prevails, George aims at challenging the status quo to create genuinely affordable original artwork, aiming to democratise the world of art and make it obtainable and inclusive to all.

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