Founded by fragrance industry insiders Sam & Emma Pringle in 2020, Saint Fragrance is a London-born lifestyle brand offering a collection of creatively perfumed products - each designed to seamlessly complement your world & enhance wellbeing.

We recognised our fast-paced lives were making us feel fatigued & how some of the raw ingredients & fragrances we worked with had the ability to rapidly boost our mood. Experimenting with these began as a project of curiosity but grew organically into our first luxury home fragrance collection.

Our emotive & escapist candles, housed in signature minimalist grey, silently layer your space with a sensual olfactive story. Uniquely created using high quality & responsibly sourced ingredients for a mindful balance to your busy day. 


With our combined 25 years’ experience working alongside perfumers to design scents for globally loved brands, we know fragrance is a powerful language, & personal. Born from the belief that luxury should be inclusive & how brands are better co-created. We hope you enjoy making Saint Fragrance part of your self-care ritual or gifting to loved ones.


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