Viagem | Scented Candle | 170ml

Viagem [Portuguese for the journey] is inspired by the beautiful, mellow city of Lisbon. The combination of coconut, oregano and fig, creates a sense of hazy & balmy evenings. When burning its earthy and sweet notes create an atmosphere to help you wind down.

All candles are created using bespoke blends of the finest botanical fragrance and essential oils. They are made out of non-GMO eco wax and self-trimming cotton wicks, ensuring a clean burn and excellent throw. Poured into beautiful dark amber apothecary jars, the candles emit a warming glow and work well in everyone's interior.

170ml is a 1 wick candle with a burning time of 35-40 hours 

Scent Story:

Paul + Niko visited Portugal for the first time in 2016. It was a short city break to Lisbon and they didn't really know what to expect. They instantly fell in love with the city's pace, it's streets and people, back then it felt somehow forgotten, so much so you would peer into closed store windows and it was like looking into a museum.

The trip provided so much inspiration, and before they knew it they were mapping out the scent inspired by the city. In fact, it was the picture taken of a fig tree, seemingly growing out of someone's front door that inspired this scent.

Since the release of Viagem, they have revisited Portugal several times, meeting fellow makers and hosting candle making workshops with local friends.

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