• Nicolas Vahé | Coffee Gift Bag Set

Nicolas Vahé | Coffee Gift Bag Set

Are you, or someone you love, a true coffee lover? Then this is the perfect gift set for you. Try the TWIN ROAST coffee from Nicolas Vahé, either hot or cold. It is made of 100% pure Arabica beans from Uganda and Malawi. They are roasted, grinded and packed in Denmark. The coffee is both suited for French press coffee and drip coffee where the brewed coffee can be enjoyed as it is. 

Add the delightful coffee syrup to help you create the most delicious coffees, smoothies and milkshakes. Enjoy this high-quality syrup with the taste of caramel consisting of sweetness and a rich flavour. The syrup is likewise ideal to eat on top of ice cream, yogurt, waffles, hot chocolate and on top of other things that need a sweet touch.


The set comes in a stylish white paper bag with branded ribbon.

Once opened: consume within 16 months.

Weight: Coffee 165g | Syrup 25cl