Ayaida believe that a more responsible lifestyle benefits everyone. From our neighbours and friends, to the planet and resources. All we need are the right products. They have therefore develop a range of products that are as beautiful as they are balanced, using innovative materials and thoughtful practices. It's not just about extending the life cycle of the products in your home or reducing waste - as consumers and creators, they truly believe that even the smallest changes can have a big impact. 

Each material is carefully selected for its durability, giving you more time before each product ends its life cycle, choosing options that take less energy to produce and cut harmful chemicals.

Even their name, a combination of their two daughters names, is to think about the next generation and the opportunities or limitations that will be for our next if we continue our consumption without consideration.

It is their philosophy that a product's life cycle should be circular rather than linear. Products made from natural materials can have long, functional lives and then return to where they came from rather than accumulate in a landfill.

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