Sandra Blomén Maschinsky | Form | 30cm x 40cm | Framed Print


We frame all our prints using Neilsen Design frames, made in Germany, delivering quality to meet the highest expectations, design and function.

Alpha, is a 7.8mm narrow picture frame made of aluminium with an oak finish and the perfect mitre. Attractive, high-quality anodised surface with suspension in portrait and landscape format.

With optical interference coated anti-reflective glass (TrueColour), stable MDF backing board with torsion springs and hanger, extra strong corner fastening, perfect miter joints and great stability.

Available in natural oak and black oak.


Sandra Blomén Maschinsky is a Swedish artist and illustrator, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has studied archaeology, cultural heritage and art history and is currently dreaming about getting her own studio. She experiments with line art and digital illustrations and has been creating art from a young age.


Printed on 265g high quality art paper.

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm

Colour: Multi