02. Colour Key | The Green Effect and Why We Love it

One of only two colours, along with red, that sits on the axis of the colour wheel across both the warm and the cool tones. Meaning that green can evoke both an energetic and a soothing impression. Possibly why I love it!

This is also possibly why over the centuries and cultures green has symbolised very different things: 

In early modern Europe, green was the colour commonly associated with wealth and envy

To many Western and Middle Eastern cultures green is the colour most commonly associated with nature, life, health, youth, spring and hope.

Yet, in Western society green has often been associated with toxicity and poor health, but in China and most of Asia it is a symbol of fertility and happiness.

With the huge contemporary popularity of lusciously leafy plants and fleshy chalky succulents, green has been all around us in our homes lately more than ever and it has slowly seeped into our interiors. A wall, a chair, the odd piece of glass or a cushion. So, it is no wonder with this accent all around us green has undoubtedly flooded the most beautiful rooms and spaces.

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