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The growing maximalism trend of 2018 has been a direct response to the desire to move forward from minimalism. The long-term aesthetic of simplicity and function, had us existing in a philosophy of ‘less is more’. So, how do we translate to the opposite of ‘more is more’ when we just don’t speak the language. 

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Instead of monochrome geo and colour coded, we are seeing images of sofa’s full of brightly coloured, printed cushions and bookshelves used as a personal museum. Can maximalism ever be chic?

If you are not yet fluent in the language of maximalism, start by thinking about an accent, or two. By adding a clash of accent colours to a room, it changes it completely. Some of the most delicious colour combinations possible don’t make sense: green and pink, mustard and red, amber and fuchsia. A ceramic or a print, a piece of glass or a cushion in contrasting colours, will take you away from the neutral world you have been living in.

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If colour scares you and you are more in your comfort zone with a simple colour palette, then keep it uniform in tone but go for a mixture of texture and print.

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The true method of a maximalist is to bring design and eclecticism together. Try to spend time hunting down the perfect find for your interior accessories or furnishings from a diverse range of places. Keep it uncomplicated though and enjoy it. If it’s clear you love what you are finding, there will automatically be an instinctive style.

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Satisfy your inner minimalist with a little OCD amongst the chaos, there is nothing wrong with a bit of perfect symmetry. Use prints or paintings, photos or wall hangings to fill an entire wall with order and beauty.

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