05. PERFECTLY DIFFERENT | Earl of East London Workshop

A crisp, sunny Saturday morning in the creative sanctuary of Bonds, Hackney. A building that resonates heritage and craftsmanship, is filled with the aromas of the Earl of east London blends of the finest botanical fragrances and essential oils...



This beginner’s masterclass was led by candle maker Robyn, who charmingly introduced individual smells, challenging our senses with a selection of key note perfumes from across the fragrance wheel.




We experienced the reality of the Earl of East London ‘multi-sensorial’ philosophy when given the opportunity to tasted the dark and white chocolates that have been paired with two of their delicious candles. 



The expertly shared hints and tips on the creation of the perfect fragrance, was followed by making our very own hand poured scented soy wax candle.




The scent option I selected was Viagem, with its very own influences, this blend was inspired by ‘the beautiful, mellow city of Lisbon’. A contrasting sequence of coconut, oregano and (my ultimate favourite scent) fig.



Earl of East originally started as a creative outlet for founders Niko and Paul, which has fast developed into a contemporary ideology. A business full of integrity and a wonderful synergy.



The workshop was most certainly something different to do on a perfectly Autumnal Saturday morning but was also the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning +



Thanks to Earl of East London for a fantastic workshop and all the knowledge shared +
Image Credit: Photographer @missypmc
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